Council hears concerns about wellness center

“Even if it wasn’t my old house, I’d still object. It’s upsetting to me,” Mary Liefer told the Red Bud City Council during discussion of a special use permit at their meeting on Monday, Aug. 7.

The special use permit in question is for Jami Papenberg of Intuitive Touch Massage to open a wellness center in the home located at 325 South Main Street.

Papenberg’s business has outgrown several rental locations and she is wanting to expand with additional employees offering massage therapy, counseling and chiropractic services. She bought the property earlier this year as it was labeled for either residential or business, with the intent to relocate her business there this summer.

Her plan is to put a wellness center in this location, remodeling the interior of the residence as needed. At the present time, she does not plan to change the exterior of the building, or add to it, keeping the aesthetic of the residential neighborhood.

Liefer told the council that she was in support of the wellness center, but felt it should not be set up in a residence, especially her former home. “It could be any place, not in a home environment,” she said. “I don’t object to it being a wellness center, just that it’s in my old home. I have a lot of memories on that piece of property.”

Liefer also objected in general to changing residential and personal properties over to business.

For more from the City Council meeting, please see this week’s print edition.