Council discusses future of wading pool

Some potential changes to the swimming pool were discussed at the Red Bud City Council meeting on Monday night.

When discussing Parks and Recreation Committee items, City Superintendent Josh Eckart noted that the wading pool for small children was inspected by the Department of Public Health last summer. Unfortunately, the wading pool no longer complies with standards and is not usable as it is. In order to be approved for use, the wading pool would need to be renovated.

Eckart suggested that the wading pool be taken out and a concrete slab put in its place, allowing for more of a lounge area by the main pool.

Alderman Clem Esker asked if they could just leave the wading pool empty.

Eckart noted that they could, as the wading pool is a gated off area, but then it would become dead, unused space. In addition, they considered filling it with sand, but sand would be tracked into the main pool and could cause problems.

When asked the cost to take out the wading pool, Eckart did not have exact numbers for how much the project would cost, but he estimated it to be around $3,500. He noted that he could have a better estimate available by the council’s committee meetings later this month.

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