Commissioners approve zoning amendment for KRPD expansion

Zoning amendments, mental health first aid and insurance renewals were main topics of discussion at the Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting on Oct. 20.

The first approved zoning amendment was for the Kaskaskia Regional Port District (KRPD). Land Resource Management Administrator David Walter explained that KRPD is looking at expanding their facility at Baldwin and adding in a new dock.

The property they want to expand on is approximately 20 acres on Riverview Drive located next to their current property, but is zoned as agricultural and they would like it zoned as industrial.

KRPD General Manager Ed Weilbacher added that they are seeing increased tonnage shipped on the Kaskaskia River at that location, so this move is to help them be ready. “We’re already finding sometimes that we don’t have enough capacity.”

It was noted that there are a few club house currently on the property, which will remain until their current leases are up.

Commissioner Marc Kiehna commented that this expansion would dovetail in nicely if the four lane highway project does come to fruition.

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