Commissioners approve way to save on election costs

As the county continues to grapple with financial issues, County Clerk Pat Laramore presented the Randolph County commissioners with a way to save money on the upcoming primary election.

There are certain set expenses for every election in the county. This includes the cost of the ballots, other supplies, publishing notices, the polling places and booths, as well as election judges.

The cost of last year’s consolidated (municipal) election came to a grand total of $38,153.05. In 2016, the general election was $49,013.08 and the primary election was $47,091.64.

While the cost per vote may fluctuate depending on how many voters actually get out and vote, the county has to foot the overall bill regardless.

Last year, Laramore had told the commissioners that there are not many ways to save money on election costs. “We have it as cheap as possible.”

So at the commissioners’ Feb. 23 meeting, she was happy to announce a new way to save on election costs.

Laramore noted that last August, a public act was passed in Illinois which will allow for the reduction in the number of election judges at primary elections from five to three.

She asked the commissioners to consider approving of a resolution to allow the reduction of judges in Randolph County for the March 20 primary election. This resolution would need to be renewed for each primary election.

For more from the commissioners’ meeting, please see this week’s print edition.