Commissioners approve energy contract

A new energy contract was approved at the June 1 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting. Also discussed at the meeting was the status of the Kaskaskia shelter house and the cost of county animal control.

With the energy contract, Chairman Ronnie White noted that the commissioners have been working over the past few months to reduce the county’s energy usage and to look for additional ways to save on their energy costs. He added that Affordable Gas + Electric (AGE) had visited the county facilities (the courthouse, jail, museum, health department, highway department and care center) and conducted energy audits.

They then presented the commissioners with some options to reduce the county’s overall kilowatt-hour consumption, as well as the ability to lock in their energy rates for the facilities and have all of the contracts for the facilities come due at the same time. Currently, the various facilities have different contracts for their energy, but with the AGE contract, as each comes due they will be added into this three year contract, all set for renewal at the same time.

For more from the Board of Commissioners meeting, please see this week’s print edition.