Commissioners approve budget

Approving the annual budget for the county was the main focus of the Dec. 3 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Auditor Jim Schmersahl, of Schorb & Schmersahl, LLC, presented the commissioners with the budget. “This budget has undergone a great deal of analytical scrutiny,” he stated.

Considering the county’s ongoing financial issues, creating the fiscal year 2019 budget was no easy task. Schmersahl noted they took many things into consideration for the new budget. Among the items that are reflected in the new budget are the results of the study of fees in the county offices.

No rock was left unturned in our search for revenues,” he stated.

In addition, Schmersahl said that “a great deal of pressure” was made to maintain or decrease expenses in the county offices.

Wrapping up his presentation, Schmersahl stated, “This budget reflects hours and hours of analysis by the commissioners and my firm.”

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