Coalition working on strategic plan for Prairie du Rocher Levee District

Our vision is to work to ensure the viability of the Prairie du Rocher, Modoc, Edgar Lakes Levee and thereby preserve and protect our history, and sustain the community within the levee for generations to come,” said Ray Cole, village president of Prairie du Rocher. Cole, with assistance from others concerned with preserving the area, recently formed a coalition to write a strategic plan for the levee district.

The levee system is provisionally accredited on the effective Flood Insurance Rate Map of the National Flood Insurance Program. That accreditation will continue as the levee district authors the strategic plan. The strategic plan will outline the history of Prairie du Rocher as one of the oldest remaining original French villages in America. The document focuses on a comprehensive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, and strategic objectives, goals, and, most importantly, the actions necessary to achieve 100-year certification for the levee system.

Economic and community development, virtually stymied by lack of accreditation, is a primary goal of the coalition. “Our community is in our hearts,” said Amy Barbeau, president of the Prairie du Rocher Chamber of Commerce. “We want Prairie du Rocher and the region to grow and prosper while we protect and preserve the history of this wonderful place. This plan is the beginning of that process.”

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