Brando visited Red Bud Regional Hospital’s Healthy Circle recently

VISITS HEALTHY CIRCLE–Brandon Luttman, also known as Brando from 106.5 The Arch, is pictured with members of the Red Bud Regional Hospital’s Heathy Circle during his visit on July 20.

Local resident Brandon Luttman, also known as Brando on 106.5 The Arch’s morning show Spencer’s Neighborhood, visited with the Red Bud Regional Hospital’s Healthy Circle group on July 20.

He entertained the group by sharing how he got into the radio industry and answering various questions.

Luttman noted that he has always been around a lot of funny people that influenced him. And growing up in Red Bud, he felt he had access to opportunities that wouldn’t have been available at bigger schools.

He said that he distinctly remembers doing impersonations at an eighth grade Christmas party and one left such a mark, that fellow classmates asked him to do it again the rest of the year. That’s when he realized he could make a career out of being funny.

In high school, Luttman was afforded another opportunity which helped him further consider a career in broadcasting. He, along with his friend Chad Stolte, got to do the play by plays for the school’s basketball games. “Principal Hargrave had a lot of faith in us,” he noted. “It got to be popular and we had fun doing it.”

After graduating from Red Bud High School in 1994, Luttman started college at Illinois College, but then transferred to Western Illinois College. At this point, he noted that he was still focused on the idea of television broadcasting, but he was required to take a radio class, which attracted his interest. He felt there was more options for creativity in that medium.

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