Brand marks 36 years of consistent work out routine

DEDICATED TO FITNESS–Sheila Brand of Red Bud has been dedicated to consistently working out three times per week for 36 years now. Several of her friends have joined her, some working out regularly with her for over 20 years. Pictured at the YMCA following one of their aerobics classes are Joan Rahn, Gladys Brand, Sheila Brand, Mary Ann Wegener and Laverne Vernier. Not pictured is Faye Rahn.

Dedication and consistency are key when adopting a healthy lifestyle. One local woman who can tell you all about dedication to fitness is Sheila Brand.

This week, she is marking 36 years of consistently working out three times per week.

Brand says she started her fitness journey on Feb. 7, 1982. Over the years she’s participated in aerobics classes at different gyms, including Fountain’s Gym and the YMCA, and had several class instructors including Cinda Liefer, Heather Miller and Konnie Schilling, but one thing hasn’t changed – her dedication to putting her health first.

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