Bicentennial Road Rally funds to benefit community projects

More than $2,280, raised during the Bicentennial Road Rally on Sept. 29, will go to the Community Foundation of Randolph County’s Good Deeds Fund for community projects. The all-day rally was geared to encourage participants to visit Randolph County’s numerous historical sites and landmarks. More than 50 cars participated.

The foundation holds three funds,” said Vice President Michele Cross. “The first is the James I. Brockmeyer Memorial Endowment, generously chartered by the Regional Leaders Committee. Then we have the General Scholarships Fund, also funded initially by the Regional Leaders, and third, the Good Deeds Fund. The Good Deeds Fund, chartered by the Randolph County Progress Committee, is designated to provide matching dollars for community projects within Randolph County. Once sufficient wealth is in the fund, we can help in a number of ways. For example, let’s say that Rockwood wanted to build a playground. They apply for a grant from USDA Rural Development or some other agency. The agency says they will fund a portion of the playground cost, but that leaves a financial gap to complete it and maybe Rockwood doesn’t have all the money. That’s where the Good Deeds Fund comes in. It will provide matching dollars to help finish community projects.”

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