Attempted burglary at Muskets building

ON SCENE–Red Bud Police Officer Luke Horrell, along with county deputies, is pictured on scene investigating and gathering evidence at the early morning break-in at the Muskets building at Lincoln Park on Tuesday. Photo by Zach Kellerman.

Around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 24, a burglary in progress was reported at the Muskets building at Lincoln Park.

Zach Kellerman of Cedar Oak Kennels was at the soccer field on the other side of Lincoln Park when he heard a window break over at the Muskets building. Kellerman then called 911 to report the crime.

He told police that he could see a flashlight shining around inside the building on the top floor in the announcer booth area, but was unable to get a description of the subject because he was too far away.

Red Bud Officer Luke Horrell responded to the scene. Kellerman noted that as Horrell arrived on scene, the suspect jumped off of the roof and took off running away from the building.

Horrell walked in the area where Kellerman thought the suspect ran towards, but was unable to located any sign of the suspect. Upon inspecting the building, he noticed that the window on the second story of the building, to the far west side, was broken out. It appeared that the suspect used a trash can to climb onto the overhang and then break the window.

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