Area residents show support for local community during pandemic

While the pandemic and stay at home order has been stressful for many, there are some in the community that are trying to help others and support the community.

TheNorth County Newshas been notified about some that have gone above and beyond.

Those frequenting Off the Square Coffee, Co. during the pandemic may have been benefactors of one of these kind gestures.

On several occasions, customers may have been told that their order was paid for. The coffee shop has been a frequent place where people anonymously decide to pay it forward and will pay for orders.

In addition, Andy Sotiropoulos with State Farm has also supplied various items to give away to Off the Square customers. At one point, he purchased doughnuts from Susie’s Restaurant to be given away free to customers, at another time it was gift certificates to various restaurants in town that were handed out to random customers.

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